Internet Marketing Like a Pro | Make $50 a Day!

I'm going to tell you how the great internet marketers make their thousands a month. It is quite simple really.

They create a site based on a string of related long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are keywords that contain a highly competetive keyword but have extra words added to them. For instance instead of make money online it would be survey sites new york. Instead of having the highly competetive keyword "mp3 player". You would have your site targeted towards "buy ipod detroit". These long tail keywords havea very low amount of searches per day. You might get 20 or less searches daily.

The great thing about these low traffic niches are that they are incredibly easy to rank in the top 1 or 2 position in the SERPs. The sites that rank first for these keywords probably just accidently have this long tail keyword in their site. Your advantage is that you are trying to target this niche and your site is based around the keyword.

So if you get 20 searches a day. 90% of people will click on the first or second result in the search engine. So you will get 15 or so visitors a day. So you should be able to earn an average of $.50 to $1.00 a day for that site. Now this sounds like a really small amount of money, but the secret is to build 50 or so of these sites.

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So here's how you do it. Sign up for an affiliate marketing site such as Never Blue Ads. Find an offer that you think will convert well. Now you need to use a keyword suggestion tool. Such as Aaron Wall's Keyword suggestion tool. Take the most general search term directly relating to the offer and plug it in the keyword suggestion tool. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and find the keywords that are getting 50 or less searches a day.

These are the keywords that you will be optimizing your site around. Now you need to get about 10 articles that contain those keywords in them. The best way to do this is pop over to ezinearticles.com and search for those keywords. Take 10 of the articles and rewrite them and fill them with these longtail keywords. Rewrite every sentence so that you can resubmit them to ezinearticles.

Now you need to create your site. You can get free hosting at 000webhost. They even support php which most free hosts don't do. You can get a free template by searching "free website templates". Choose a nice basic clean template that is still attractive. Upload the template and post your articles. If you don't have any programming experience you can just use free blogger blogs. However, websites are much much better.

Then you need to quickly promote your site. You should be able to create a site or two a day and promote them. Submit all your articles to ezine an include at least tow links back to your site. You need to change the article title so that search engines don't find duplicate content. Bookmark every article on your site at digg, stumbleupon and delicious.

This should get some decent backlinks and traffic to your site.

Then if you repeat this process 50 or 100 times you will be making around $50 a day.

It is quite simple really. You can either go for quality or quantity. The people making the big money have over 75 sites that are bringing in the cash for them.

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Debbie said...

I've actually heard of this technique before, but the writer usually talks way over my head! lol. But you put it in very easy, step by step terms. Thanks so very much.