As you know Myspace is a great medium for making money through affiliate programs. But I decided to try Yuwie which is a social networking site that pays you directly for every page views. The pay is approximately 40- 50 cents per 1000 page views. What counts as a page view?

When any logged in member views any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view for you:

1. your profile page
2. your blog pages
3. view all your friends
4. view all your comments
5. your picture pages
6. if someone views one of your shared layouts

When you view any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view.

1. any of your control panel pages, including but not limited to: settings, messaging, friends, referrals, favorites, etc.

The following does not count as a page view:

1. Refreshing/reloading a page
2. Any page that's viewed within 3 seconds of the last page doesn't count
3. Any view from a 'guest' or non logged in visitor.

So not only do you earn when others look at your page but also when you look at your own page and change your settings.

I have only been a member for a short while but it seems like referrals is a big way to earn money. That is why you see yuwie adds plastered all over the internet. I think it wont be too hard to get some good profit. All you need to do is get a bunch of people to be your Yuwie friendz which is not too hard just join a bunch of clubs which are just like groups in myspace or facebook.

Another great thing is that it has all the features myspace does: clubs, pictures, blog, comments etc.

I don't know i think it'll be a cool way to earn at least a little something.

You can check it out here

Sign up and you'll be my friend...send me a message and i'll put you top 10 :D

Yahoo Success Center

I tested out a program for a fellow blogger friend and it is posted here http://paidopps.blogspot.com/2008/02/yahoo-success-kit-scam-google-seo-kit.html
check it out
Also check out the rest of her site she has hundreds of good ideas for making money online and makes a living just online.

GoodSearch and Good Shop

OK well i will digress from the topic of making money only slightly. There ae two sites that i recently became aware of, GoodSearch and GoodShop. These sites are sites that were designed to benefit non-profit organziations including schools. If you go to GoodSearch.com you select a charity to benefit and everytime you search on this search engine, which is powered by Yahoo, your organization will get about $.01. You probably search 10 times a day right? So $.10 a day times 365 is..... $36.50 not much but if you get all your friends to use it instead of Google yuo could make some serious bucks for a good cause. Just by using the web.
GoodShop.com is basically an online mall. I has tons and tons of stores most likely any store you would use to shop online. Every store will give a certain percent of your purchase to the cause you support on both GoodSearch and GoodShop. For instance Amazon will give 1.5% of what you spend back to your organization.

Here is the list of organizations currently involved: http://www.goodsearch.com/CharityList.aspx

So check them out!


One of the most essential tools for online money making is Paypal. Almost every site that you can make money with will pay you by Paypal. The only thing is that you need a credit card. But my parents let me have one using their credit card and they just pay me the money that gets sent to them. So sign up at http://paypal.com and get an account. If you don't have a Paypal account it will be harder to find sites that can pay you. Some sites have a check option too but Paypal is quicker and most sites have Paypal as an option.

So sign up for a Paypal account.

PTR- How To Actually Profit from PTR

I have already done some PTR reviews (just search in the search box) but i have a couple more to do.

Instantad is a new site that i recently joined and and since it is new it is not as snazzy as some of the sites that have been around longer. However there seems to be about 10 ads you can view a day which is $.10. and the referal program is you earn 24% of what your referal earns. I don't really get why you would become a premium member since you get only
$.0125 per clikc instead of $.01 but whatever.
check Instanad out here

zbestBux is another PTR site i found that allows teenagers to join. They pay $.01 per click and 75% of your referals earnings
try it here

Ad 2 Bank is another site i found that isn't quite as good as the others because you only get $.005 which is half of a cent per click. Also i have no idea what the referal rate is. AND they onyl accept Alertpay for paying right now. I joined with my PayPal but you will have to wait until they pay with PayPal to cash out.
check it out here

From my experience there isn't really that much of a difference between the different PTR. Most have a standered pay rate of $.01 per click. And the referal programs are the only difference. Some have better referals because they are multileveled and some because you get mroe money. However for the straight up money from viewing ads they are all mostly alike. One cent isn't very much and every with out fail every PTR has a little box that says you click 10 ads, 10 referals click 10 ads your weekly earns are...., your monthly earnings are.... but it is kinda fake. If you join 10 PTR sites, in the next couple days hopefully i will have at least the many sites reviewed, you can probably get around 100 ads to view you rpobably will actually need to join more sites than that to get that many. So you join 15 sites and they average out to pay $.01 per click you could get $1 per day for about 5 minutes work. So it is actually a good idea to do if you actually sign up for a bunch of different sites and actually click every day. Each ad is about 30 seconds and you can view an ad from each site at the same time. So... 30 seconds times about 10 around 5 minutes.
So check some of these out

Shareapic- Paid Picasa

Well my one friend loves taking pictures so i decided to look into making money with pictures and this is the best site i found.
Shareapic is a site similar to Picasa but only you can make money with it. You upload pictures and create gslleries. Everytime 1000 picture views you get $.22. OK well you're saying that is nothing.
continued below

OK well first of all you are doing nothing except uploading pictures...so... you can be doing other things that make money online or not. (Search in the search box for other ideas) but actually it isn't that much picture views. If 100 people visit your and gallery and each look at 10 pics you're set. So if you have a Picasa just upload all those pictures to Shareapic and tell people to go there instead. This is one of thoe sites where i wont lie and say you will make a ton but if you just tell all your friends work, myspace, school etc to look at Shareapic instead of some other picture uploading site you could make some money. Plus if you add it together will all the other things you can do to make a little money but that don't take very much time you could make a decent amount of money.
So check it here

Net Audio Ads

I am trying somethings new in terms of advertising. I got an email from one of the many newsletters i am a part of that had this new idea for advertising and it was called NetAudioAds. Since especially Adsense is losing a TON of effectivness. Our eyes are so used to the ads that we just skip over and never read them. Yet pop ups are really annoying and just make you want to try the product less. So they decided to try audio ads. I am now trying this program so you may hear a 5 second ad when you visit the site. (if you hear any ads not appropraite to those under 18 email me at onlinemoneyforteens@gmail.com)
So if you have a website especially one with a lot of traffic since you get money from every visitor try this program out and see how you like it. I will be trying it and see if i like it.
Try it here