Hey check out the article I wrote for this site I found called Triond.

Triond is a pretty cool site that works for people that want to write blog posts and make money off blogging, but don't want their own blog.

Triond lets you submit an article to them and they will publish it on their sister sites. The cool thing is you can submit articles about any topic and you get half the money made off advertising. Plus, as long as they relate to the article, you can put affiliate links in your article.

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The way that earnings are calculated is based on page views. The Triond income for each content item is calculated as follows:

Earnings = page views * eRPM / 1000

eRPM is the amount of revenue generated for each 1,000 page views. So basically you get half the money made for every thousand page views. Typically, the range of eRPM can be anywhere from $0.5-$10.0. So you could be making as much as $5 for every 1000 page views.

My article got submitted in just one day and i was ready to go. The basic layout of an article is very simple. You need a title, a description and a body article broken up into paragraphs.

If you are new to blogging this is a great place to start. Your article is monetized for you and you can make extra money with affiliate links.

So check out my article (please quickly click on the "I Like It" link at the end) and Triond.

Forum Booster | Proof of Payment

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I just got a payment from Forum Booster for $19.10 check it out! This is a really great site.

Pay Per Post

My blog just got approved for a new pay per post site called Pay Per Post. =D I am actually really excited about this site. I have seen many people that have been very successful with this site.

Pay Per Post is basically like any other site of its kind. You get paid for creating a post that is usually reviewing another site or product.

However, there are some really cool features Pay Per Post has to offer.

The first is their referral program, which is really cool. You can earn $15 per referral!

The second is this thing called Review My Post. You can place a little button in your blog post which says get paid to review my post. When someone clicks on the button and reviews your post they get $7.50 and you get $7.50!

To get paid for an offer first you browse available offers to see if you qualify for any. If there is an offer you qualify for you can reserve the offer while you write up the post. Then you submit the offer and get paid!

I heard about Pay Per Post originally from Paid Opportunities However, after that i have seen many successful bloggers who love the program at PPP.

Another really cool feature is that you can put a sign up form directly in your site or in a post. So to sign up for Pay Per Post all you have to do is fill out the form below.

When i browsed the opportunities there were a ton of them availible. My blog was accepted in a reasonable amount of time and there are some really cool features.
I would say that Pay Per Post is one of the best sites for paid blog reviews.

To sign up use the form above or click here.

Snap Rewards

Snap Rewards is a site very similar to Send Earnings. You can earn through paid emails and trial offers.

However, they are several things that set them apart. Snap Rewards pays through gift cards which you can get after you have acquired enough points. 5,000 points will get you a $50 gift card to places like Banana Republic and BlockBuster.

The trial offers that are free usually pay about 100 points.

The really cool thing about Snap Rewards is their referral program. Each referral is worth 100 points! So you only need 5 referrals and you have enough to cash out!

I would recommend doing some of the offers but the referral program is what really excites me. This is a really good offer for teens cause you can just tell a couple of your friends on Myspace to sign up and you can get clothes and movies and stuff for free.

Start making money here

Send Earnings

SendEarnings is a paid to read email site. That is what the title says. They also have a bunch of other ways you can make money online.

You can take surveys online. SendEarnings has new surveys every day. Each survey pays $.50. They are quick and easy and you can do as many as you want.

You get at least 4 paid emails a day. All you have to do is click on the link in the email and then click on the link in the window that pops up that says you read it. there is no waiting 30 seconds. Each email is worth $.02

You can play online games. Win cash and prizes playing games like Bejewled.

You can get cash back on online shopping. You can get a percentage back from sites such as ebay, Apple, Amazon.

You can refer your friends. You get 10% of whatever they earn. you get credit as soon as they make the money. You don't have to wait till they cash out.

I got a $5 cash bonus just for signing up. So I am $25 from the $30 minimum needed to cash out. You are paid through a check.

I think this site is actually pretty cool. At first i thought it was going to be stupid. But it is actually decent.

So start making money here.

Youth Bloggers Network

You need to check out this new site Youth Bloggers Network! It was created by a teen blogger named Patrick D. It is a great site for any teen blogger to promote their blog, get advice and tips or just to chat to other teen bloggers.

Currently there is a forum where members can post about blogging, making money online, and whatever they want. There is also a blog where members can post an article that they think will be helpful. This also can be used to promote your blog because you are allowed to link to your blog in the post. Also you can buy an ad space for a very low fee.

This site is really great. There are some very knowledgeable and talented teens who are members even though the site is very small. Sign up is totally free and very easy. You definitely need to check this site out even if you are not a teen blogger- everyone is welcome.


Forum Booster- Get Paid $.10 Per Post!!

Forum Booster is one of the most exciting ways to make quick money on the internet. Sure you can make better money blogging or through affiliate marketing, but it takes months before any real income is generated. Within 48 hours of sign up you can start making money with Forum Booster.

What is Forum Booster?

Forum Booster is a site that people use to juice up their forums- give it a shot of steroids. For only $21 a forum administrator can purchase: 8 new members, 150 new posts and 15 new threads started. You can also purchase articles for your website or blog.

Now the path to making money is becoming what is called a forum booster. As a forum booster, you get paid for every post you make on a forum that Forum Booster is boosting. Your posts are tracked through a post tracking system Forum Booster has to ensure you get paid for every post. You can post an unlimited amount of posts and get this, you get paid $.10 a post! Yes, $.10 a post!

Now I am sure you have heard of myLot or other sites similar that pay you to post. For these sites you can earn maybe $.01 for every post you make. Most of the money depends on people's responses. With Forum Booster you can make $.10 for every single post you make.

Now lets do some math here. You could probably do around 100 posts an hour. Thats a little over a post a minute. For those 10 posts you get paid $10! Now lets look at this on a yearly scale. Say you were to post for one hour every day. This would mean you would post about...36,500 posts, which would mean you make $3650! If you need some quick money you could post 8 hours a day for a week and make $560! (and since it's summer what better do you have to do?)

You also can apply to be an article writer but the pay seems to be rather low. So i would recommend only becoming a forum booster.

All you need to do to apply and become a Forum Booster is write 5 posts on the Forum Booster forum that will be evaluated to find your level and clarity of writing. Then after you have written your 5 posts you fill out an application and they will respond in 24-48 hours.

Now Forum Booster does have an affiliate program but it is only for referring people to pay for the services of forum booster. You do not get any money for referring people to get paid to post.

I think this is a really exciting opportunity for teens to make money online doing something they love. Teens love to talk and getting paid $.10 is a great bonus. I know on some forums I have hundreds of posts. I know i will be using this site a lot. I will keep you updated on my earnings here.

The application form to become a Forum Booster is here. (not a referral link)


I cashed out for the second time from Your2Cents! I will be receiving a check for $26and will post a proof of payment when I get it.

But I am really loving this site. I have made about $40 total for just a few surveys. Almost all Your2Cents surveys are $5 and each takes only 15 or 20 minutes. The really nice thing about Your2Cents is that I qualify for every survey I receive. Unlike some sites where you don't qualify for the survey after you have put in your basic info which the site already has access to, Your2Cents seems to actually use your profile survey and send you surveys accordingly.

I would really really recommend signing up for Your2Cents. It is a survey site well worth your time.

Check it out at http://www.your2cents.com.

The only regret I have is that there is no referral system. =D

Free Cash Cafe- We Serve Cash!

I found this new paid to submit site called Free Cash Cafe. Free Cash Cafe is basically like Fusion Cash or Vindale Research. They pay you to do stuff like "fill out a Burger King vs. McDonals survey" or "request your free brochure". You click on their link fill the forms and you get like $1.50. Or you can sign up for a trial of Blockbuster Online and get $15.

It is possible to make money with these sites! Some offers pay $15 or more. Many of the things you will be signing up for are even free and you are getting paid $5, $8 or even $10 just to put in your name, address and phone number. Most offers only take 5 or 10 minutes to complete and you can walk away with your money in hand. Basically I just don't like participating in these kinda of sites. However, despite my reluctance I have made about $20 from Fusion Cash. If you put real effort into a couple of these sites you can make a lot of quick easy money.

There is also a cool feature to Free Cash Cafe. They have daily surveys which can pay up to about $1. Thats $365 a year just for taking a daily survey!

If you plan on using one of these sites get an auto form filler. If you have the Google Toolbar there is one built in to use. This will cut down on the time you spend filling out information. Most of the offers require you to put in the same basic info with a few additions. By using a form filler you can quickly fill the form and get your money,

This site really does pay. A girl on Yuwie posted two proof of payments each for about $30.

So check out Free Cash Cafe!