Global TestMarket

One of the best and most consistent ways to make money online if you're a teen is online surveys. These surveys are usually around 15 minutes long and pay from $2 to as much as $75!

One of my favorite survey sites is called Global TestMarket. Global TestMarket sends me surveys atleast 4-5 times a week and each one is about 15 minutes long. Global TestMarket pays through points which are redeemable as cash through check or PayPal. When you get 1000 points they send you $50. Each survey pays about 50 points so you only have to do 20 surveys to get $50!! I get about 5 surveys a week and if you are in the right demographic you might get even more. So at that rate you can get a payout of $50 about every 4 weeks. That is $650 a year from one site!!! In order to get that many surveys, however, you must complete the profile surveys after registration. These surveys not only get you more surveys that you will qualify for and that you will want to take but they pay you 10 points per survey. That is $5 to just complete the short profile surveys. You also earn $1 for every friend that you refer. In my opinion this is one of the best opportunities for teens to make money online, but check it out for yourself here!

Shared Reviews

I just recently found this great site called Shared Reviews. When you sign up you create a profile that other users can see. In the profile you can set what you want to be public and what you want to be private. Then you write a review of whatever you want. Not something they give you but whatever YOU want. For every 5 reviews you get approved they give you $10. Even better you get a free credit when you sign up so you only have to write 4 reviews for your first 10 bucks.
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One of the best things about Shared Reviews is the administration. They have an active forum which the admins themselves actually post in and answer your questions. This site is definitely worth checking out. See for yourself here!


One of the coolest ways to make money i have found is technically not online. It is called Brring. Brring gives you a phone number, based on whatever area code you give them, that is forwarded to your house whenever someone calls it. Before the call is forwarded to your house the caller has to listen to a 5 second ad. Because of the ad, Brring pays you every time someone calls the number. You normally get about $.05 per call but i have received up to $1 for some ads. Brring pays out as soon as you reach $25 and then you get a $10 bonus. Now i try to get all my friends call my Brring number and they do because the ads are sometimes funny and fun to listen to. Brring allows you to pick what topic of ad plays and even ban some ads. Brring also allows you to set a custom ringback tone by uploading your own mp3 that those who call you hear. They also have a nice referral program which offers $1 for every friend that signs up. The added bonus is that you can use the number when you don't want a company to know your real number.
Brring! Get Calls, Get Cash!

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Basically i just want to let you know what this site is about. Teens are always looking for ways to make money and it seems that for anyone over 18 this is an easy task. While at the same time teenagers get left in the dust scrambling for minimum wages jobs at fast food chains. And what teen thinks of making money online? What could a person under the age of 18 possibly do online that would make any money? And how do you avoid scams? That is why i created this blog. Letting teens know the best way they can make money online. Now this is not a get rich quick scheme and i don't know how much money you will make. This blog is just to let teenagers know the various methods there are to make money online. All of the sites i post will first be tried and researched by me.
Time to cash in.