Earnings | Best Ways Teens Can Make Money Online

Well I have decided to create an earnings post in which i display my earnings from the various programs I am a part of. I will try to keep this updated maybe once a month or so and add the additional money I have made and any other programs i have joined.

So here's the list of the best ways teens can make money online:

Fusion Cash- $41.25
Forum Booster- $24.80
Your2Cents- $40.00
PayPerPost- $20
Day Tipper- $1
Global Test Market- $50
Clixsense- $.54
Exodus3000- 45,000 points (about $10)
Free Cash Cafe-$2.72
Never Blue Ads-$13.00
Max Bounty-$14.70
Send Earnings-$8.05

TOTAL= $236.06

How to Generate Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Once you have your blog setup you are probably wondering how to get traffic to your blog. Now everyone says content is king. But even if you have the best content in your whole entire niche it doesn't matter unless you have traffic.

It starts with your title. One of the reasons Carl Ocab is so successful is his title: Make Money Online with a 13 year old. People see make money online all over the internet, but how often do you see Make Money Online WITH A 13 YEAR OLD. Now that is intriguing. Plus you want your title to be keyword rich. Almost every word should be a keyword, but also have your own spin on the topic.

Now you are going to want working on backlinks so that you work your way up the SERPs ( Search Engine Ranking Positions). Search your keywords and find the top sites in your niche. Find blogs or websites run by a person rather than a company and ask them to trade links with you. Go to some of the sites they have traded links with and ask to trade with them too.

Now that is all long time stuff. The best way to get some quick traffic is articles. Sign up for ezinearticles.com and submit 10 articles. At the end of each article include the link to your blog/website.

Write articles mostly about your niche. If you have a make money online site. Write some interesting articles about how to make money online. Try to come up with a new idea thatwill catch peoples attention. It doesn't have to be a huge idea but just maybe a new way to look at a certain way to make money online.

You can also try to write an article that is going to be popular with lots of people and will get lots of traffic. It probably will not have anything to do with the topic of your blog. However, an article about the Top 10 Celebrity Failures will get lots of traffic. So you will get a lot of traffic to your site. This traffic is not going to be targeted like the traffic from the articles related to your blog. But it might attract people who will keep on coming back.

Paid To Play Online Games RPG- Update

Hey so a while ago I posted about a way you can make money online playing online rpg. This is a great opportunity for teens and adults alike. You might not make a ton of money though some people make $100 a month. However, you are getting paid to play a game!! Getting paid to have fun.

So anyway, just wanted to let you all know that i have gotten over 50,000 points just from referrals! So it is possible to make money with this game.

So to check out my previous article click here

To join exodus3000 and startg making money click here

The Ultimate Online Resource

One of the things i have found most useful to making money online is Digital Point Forums. This is one of the greatest resources on the internet for teens trying to make money online.

The forum has thousands of members which means thousands of ideas and tips and advice.

You can find advice about everything from Adsense to programming to affiliate marketing. Almost every online venture is represented.

Not only can you get advice you can make money. Many people are looking to hire people to write articles, write websites, do offers and much more. Plus you can make money with affiliate marketing.

There is a certain forum where you can post affiliate offers. If you post an incentivizable offer and tell people you will pay them $5 or something to complete it, you will find many people willing to help you out. I recommend Never Blue Ads for affiliate offers.

Also it is great for getting exposure and back links. I get a couple views a day just from my 60 posts or so that have my blog link in the sig.

So no matter where you are in your online money making venture check out DP.

Carl Ocab HUGE Contest

OK well i got one of Carl Ocab's feed emails in my inbox today. Today his message was about a big new contest he is having. One great thing about Carl's contests is that they are so incredibly easy to enter.

I spent about 5 minutes and have gotten 29 tickets!

So what makes this contest so huge is the amazing prize list.

Check it out...

$25 CASH!
Sponsored by Home Business Blog.

$35 CASH!
Sponsored by E-ContentSolutions.

$35 CASH!
Sponsored by PLRrewriting.com.

$50 CASH!
Sponsored by Scott Jones.

$35 CASH!
Sponsored by Tom Tessier.

10 advanced web hosting accounts for a year worth $36 each
Sponsored by O2Host.

Five copies of an introductory presentation to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Physical if in the US) worth $100 each
Sponsored by Life, Love & Learning.

Three copies of Terry Dean’s “Email Marketing Mastery Course” (Free Shipping) worth $97 each
Sponsored by My Email Mastery.

Five copies of “Unstoppable Peak Performance Guide” worth $97 each
Sponsored by Unstoppable Action.

One three month membership to Jack Humphrey’s “Social Power Linking” worth $90
Sponsored by Social Power Linking.

3000 Entrecard credits
Three fast passes to cut to the front of the Entrecard line
Three featured statuses to give you the coveted gold border around your listing
One homepage slot to give your Entrecard placement on Entrecard’s homepage
Sponsored by Entrecard.
1000 Entrecard credits
Sponored by Kiwi Pulse.

1000 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by Ejobtips.

One copy of “The Dip” by Seth Godin worth $16
Sponsored by Money Relations.

The grand prizes
One link bait post (500 words). This will be written, fine-tuned and then widely promoted. If done correctly, this could mean tens of thousands of visitors, new RSS subscribers, links, and more worth $150
Sponsored by Splashpress Media.

One blog design worth $1000
Sponsored by Another Blog.

As you can see this contest is going to be great.

You can check it out Blogging Olympics 2008


OK well I have not posted in over a month!! It is because i have been away almost constantly and many of the places i went did not have internet. So thanks to all the readers who kept visiting and i am sorry about the lack of posts.

I just wanted to let ya'll know i'm back and expect some new posts real soon.