Best Affiliate Choices

When picking what affiliate program to promote it is important to not only find a product with a good conversion rate, but also keep the consumer in mind. You will want to pick a program that actually benefits the person who clicks on the ad. So keeping this in mind i am going to suggest some of the best products to promote from Max Bounty and Never Blue Ads.

Well my personal favorite is Emusic. They offer you 25 free downloads with no DRM or any catch. There are several reasons i like this site. Number one is that you get $6 per lead which converts after the credit card is validated. The second is that it is free. Yes, it requires a credit card but nothing will be chargd to it unless you forget to cancel your trial. But this site really does benefit those who sign up. I used the site before i was promoting it. They really do give you your downloads. They really are free and it really is legal. So not only does it have the potential of benefiting those who sign up, but i know from experience that it does. Not to mention the great pay rate which makes it a very good choice. This site can be promoted using Max Bounty.

I also like Takkle. This is a social networking site for high school athletes. You create a profile and place your stats on the site. Then it allows scouts to notice you and hopefully get drafted. Takkle pays $1.60 per lead which converts after signing up. This site is preferrable if you have a teen audience. Or if you are in the internet money mainkg niche. The reason to target this towards teens is obvious. But this will also convert with internet marketers because it is such a good medium for promoting to teens. The majority of the users of Takkle will be teenagers. So if you have a product that will convert well with teens it will work well for that too. So if you are in the sports or affiliate marketing niche Takkle is a good site to promote. I have a profile on this site and it is teamed with Sports Illustrated, so i know it is real. The pay rate is decent and because many teens will find it useful, which is the main audience I have. This site can be promoted using Max Bounty.

Inbox Dollars is a PTR site that will convert well with the internet money making audience.The pay rate is high at $2 per lead. Also PTR sites always convert well because it is so little work to make money. It is a site that makes money for the person who signs up. The pay rate is pretty good. The site is a real site. So this is another good option. This site can be promoted at Never Blue Ads.

Never Blue Ads affiliate program is better than Max Bounty's because you get paid $2 straight up or you can choose the 2% of your referrals earnings option. Max Bounty you get 5% of your affiliates earnings which could be pretty big. But if you think you wont get many referrals or that they wont earn that much Never Blue Ads is a good solution because you can choose which is best for you. Never Blue Ads is obviously a real site and can you earn you a lot of real money. Plus in order to become an affiliate you need to have an account so the experience factor is covered.

One very nice thing about Never Blue Ads and Max Bounty is that you can search by keyword. So if you have a sports site you can search for the keyword sports or even more specific such as baseball. Then you can promote the ads that directly relate to your site.

I hope these sites help you get started making good money with affiliate marketing.

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Roman said...

Pretty interesting offers, i use azgoggle personal. It work for my other site but not my blog not enough traffic on it yet. Don't want it to look spammy.