Zion 5 | Facebook for Internet Money Making

I was looking around on forums and stuff trying to find more money making websites and this guy had posted a referral to this site called Zion5. He was saying they were a "Facebook" for online money makers. I clicked on it mostly out of curiosity because I didn't really think it would be that great. I kinda looked to see what they had to say and it looked kinda interesting so I signed up and checked it out.

Well the first thing is that it is kinda confusing. They don't really explain how to use the site and so some of the features are lost because some people don't know how to use them.

1. You can add friends this is kinda what the main concept is. Just like, if you were trying to make money with myspace you want as many friends as possible. The more friends you have the more money you have the possibility to make.

2. Everyday you can send one message to all your contacts. The only allow one message per day to cut down on the spam. In this message you can say whatever you want, post an ad about a money making program so you can get referrals, you could advertise your own site or whatever you want.

3. Also, you can join and add websites. Basically what this means is that you can search a list of websites that people have joined and have posted their referral link. You can find some great money making ideas there. Also if you look and see that Brring for instance is not on the list you can add it and put your referral link on the page for Brring.

4. Just recently, they added a blog that you can post to that is seen by your friends. Again just, like with the comments this is the meat of the program. If you have many friends, your messages will be seen by lots of people and your blog will be seen by lots of people. So you can advertise your site or post your affiliate link or whatever.

5. Also there is the referral program in Zion5

This site is a little more targeted than Myspace or Facebook because all the people on Zion 5 are looking for great money making ideas while on Myspace or Facebook most people are not. This is good because people are not going to be annoyed with you telling them different money making ideas but the likelihood that people will have already joined your program is much higher especially if the site has a good referral program.

In about 2 days Zion5 is going Pro. They are going to change things to allow users who pay a fee of about $25 to become a Pro member. This will mean they have the chance to earn money directly from Zion 5 as opposed to just from their referral links
This is why Zion 5 Pro is supposed to be better:

Unlimited Advertising
Get your ads in the Zion 5 rotator. The Zion 5 rotator displays ads in the community. No limits! You get 5 of your ads displayed up to 1,000,000 times every single month.

Daily update emails
Not only will you get up to 1,000,000 of your ads displayed on Zion 5 every single month, you will also get your ads emailed direct to every member in the Daily update email!

Fast track your contact list
Every single member that joins Zion 5 will automatically get a contact request from you. That means, every time you login your contact list will have grown without you lifting a finger.

Search for people

Looking for specific people? Maybe you're looking for people in your country, maybe you're looking for people with little experience to coach them, perhaps you're looking for a guru. The Zion 5 people searcher allows you to search the community and make contact with real people that want to be contacted by you!

Promote yourself
Pro members get more exposure than regular members. Every time you see a list of people on Zion 5, Pro members will always be at the top.

Do you want to measure your performance? Well you can now. Find out how many people read your messages, look at your profile and more.

Go Pro and you get an extra message box to store your important messages.

Link cloaker
Use the Zion 5 link cloaker to protect your links from commission thieves.

I dont really know how useful it would be to you but i think if you put some work into it you would probably see some results especially if you are promoting your website.

See if you like it here

Fusion Cash- Popular Product Testing

Free Money at FusionCash!

Well if you look at a lot of online money making sites i am sure you have seen this banner many times. Since i do frequent many money making sites i decided to find out what the hipe about Fusion Cash is. So i signed up.

Fusion Cash is a site that pays you to complete offers both that you have to pay for and that are free. The site features sites and products that you must try out and when you complete the requirements you get paid whatever price was offered. Some offers require a credit card but are still profitable since the amount to be paid is usually not much more than $5. However the best offers are the ones that require no payment.

Some money can be made through their paid offers. However the main reason that Fusion Cash is so popular is their referal program. When you refer somone you receive $1 when they activate their email, $2 when they complete their first offer and $5 when they cash out. So on one referal you could earn up to $8!!

I believe this is the main reason most people advertise this program. Most referals will earn you at least $3 since most people who have an interest will most likely try at least one paid offer.
Continued below........
Free Money at FusionCash!

It is possible to make some money with just their trial offers. But the best thing to do is what everyone else is doing and take advantage of their referal program. This is a GREAT program to try to promote on your Myspace or Facebook!

I will be doing that because most people will want to try it since some of the offers simply need you to fill out a form and you receive $5. I will also try out the free offers that you get paid for doing.

Check it out for yourself here

Valued Opinions- Great Paid Survey Site

Valued Opinions is another one of those piad survey sites. It is nothing special and it doesn't even have a referal program but the surveys Valued Opinions sends me are fun AND they pay well. It is much more fun taking a survey about things that interest you and so you get paid for taking a survey about things that interest you. Most of the reason for the very targeted surveys is they have comprehensive profile surveys that you tell them what you like to do. So they send surveys about what you like to do. For instance they just recently sent me a 1 minute survey about the upcoming 2008 olympics that paid $1. Thats $60 an hour!!!!!
So click here to check it out!
As i said there is no referal program so that is not a referal link :D

ClixSense- Just Another Pay To Read?

Well i have not had much success with PPC except for referals mostly because i do not have enough time to be earning only $1.12 per hour. But i am still doing a review of a PPC website. ClixSense is a PPC program. You get paid usually $.01 for viewing an ad for 30 seconds. As you can see the profits are not going to be rolling in at a rate faster then a snail. However the nice thing about PPC is to most people it sounds inticing. And if you aren't looking to make all that much money online it actually is. If you do earn $1.20 per hour, you can earn $365 per hour simply by having an ad running constantly in the background while you do other more important things on the internet for 1 hour.
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This means that people will want to sign up for this. That is good for you since ClixSense has a good referal program. The main difference and the main reason it isn't that great is that there are 2 levels of membership. You can just be a free member or you can be a Premium member which is:

Premium account status indicates to advertisers that the viewer has successfully made a purchase using a credit card or bank account online. Many advertisers prefer to limit their paid advertisements to viewers who have proven purchasing power. Upgrade your account to "premium" status today and start seeing more paid ads to your ClixSense.com account. The cost to upgrade to "premium" status is $10.00 USD and is valid for 1 year from the date of upgrade.

This makes your possibilities for referals SKYROCKET. When you become a premium member your referals go 5 levels deep. When your direct referals upgrade to a premium account you get $2. When their referals upgrade you get $1 so you can imagine how much you could earn if you refer a couple people and theyeach refer a couple people and they all become premium members.

If you dont become a premium member you still get $.10 for every referal and $2 if your direct referal and their direct referal upgrades. So still a good option for money but......

Basically i would give this a try see if anyone upgrades but.. i don't think you will have much success. If you get a lot of referals you can still get some money if only a couple people upgrade but it wont be as proftiable as the site says. I also really don't recommend upgrading unless you know for sure you have some people who will get premium memberships and pay off the money you pay.

Check it out here

This site is for those 16 and over.....sorry you have to be 16 to sign up


I have seen Gather around many places so i decided to try it out. From my first glance it looks very interesting and promising. You get paid in "Gather points" which can be cashed out for gift cards. The gift cards are at different point levels, the lowest being 625 points which gets you a $10 gift card. So Gather points are worth about $.02 a piece. If you sart earning more than 3000 points a month you can opt to cash out directly. The way you earn points is much like Mylot . You basically just have to contribute to the community. You can post articles which earn you the most money. The more popular the article and the more you are involved in the Gather community the more you will earn. If you have a blog i would recommend just posting each of your new blog posts as long as it is relevant content (which my last post wouldn't be). You can also join groups and upload pictures and videos which all earn you points. I would definitely chcek this out because those of us with a blog we update regulerley it is a simple copy and paste to earn money.
see if YOU like it here

Keep informed on Gather.com! Content ranges from politics to cooking, and we earn Gather Points™ or cash for using the site!View my content here: moneyforteens


AUGHHH busy day!!!!

My mom had my 4th brother last night... So now there are 5 of us brothers! Wow it is crazy

Well i have no time to write anything so i'll be back posting tomorrow!


Hey guys i have been out with the flu and so i have not gotten a chance to do any online money making or blogging. But here i am again.

Well i have to review this site now because just recently i got my first check from them. I got a $14 check from http://www.your2cents.com/. This is another one of those survey sites and one that i have had much success with. Most of the reason i like this site a lot is they pay pretty well for the amount of work you do. Often i receive $5 surveys from them, which take me about 15 minutes. This is much better than the 30 minute $5 surveys i get from other sites. Making money online, for teens, is something that should be easy but because of our age it is not. So when i find a site that lets you do 15 minutes of quality work and get paid $5 i have to let you guys know! :)
So check the site out http://www.your2cents.com/ (not a referal link)

Money through Myspace

Myspace is a site most teens with a profile use EVERYDAY so why not take advantage of this. If you have a profile with many friends then you are already half way there. If you do not the first step is to create a myspace page. Make the page HUMAN. Do not make it seem as if you are not a person. If people think you are not a person then you will not get as many referrals. Pick what you will be trying to get people to sign up for and have a referral link about that on your page but do not bombard them with banners and links. Once you have your page setup, start making friends. Target friends you think will want to do what you are advertising. Think about this more as letting people know of a great opportunity. Make friends who will want take advantage of the opportunity you are telling them about.

So for instance a great site to advertise is Shared Reviews. It is a good site that people are going to want to do and they have a great referal program. The only thing you have to do is let people know about the site. Do not try to convince them to sign up. Just tell them of the sucess you have had with this program. There is no reason to try to convince them to sign up. The site convinves people it self.

So once you have your site, and your idea and you are in the midst of adding friends, just start writing on your blog about the site. Also you can send out a buliten for people to check out a program. Again don't make it sound like one of those stupid offers no one uses. Just use the site normally. Comment your friends site so they will look at your site. DON"T SPAM. Just use the site for fun while at the same time letting people know about the website you are promoting.

A great program to use if you are willing to spend some money is Open Adder. You can get a free trial at openadder.com. This site allows you to add friends, send comments, message and bulitens all automated. This will save you hours of time but you dont need it.

Get Paid To Play Online Games! Exodus 3000

Guys you have to check this out!!!!!! I am really excited about this!!
You can get up to $100 a month for playing an online RPG!!! This game called Exodus 3000 is free to sign up for and very easy to learn how to use.

The main premise of the game is that 1000 years in the future the earth is uninhabitable and so humans are fleeing to mars. You are one of the people and you need to defend your homestead against the other players. Everyday you get 250 moves with these moves you go around and mine volcanoes, attack other homesteads and look around in various abandoned homesteads which gets you in game money which is how you earn out of game money. When you earn 98000 you can cash out for $20. Also they just recently added missions which consists of taking the various cards you find around the board to an outpost and receiving a certain amount of in game money for doing this.

This game is relatively simple in its concept but it only took me about 15 minutes to use all my 250 moves and I cant wait till tomorrow to move some more. This game may not make you the most money but it is fun. Plus apparently some people were making over $100 a month! So they had to limit it to just $100 a month. Teens you will enjoy this. I mean people play millions of online games and dont get paid. So check it out here!!!!!!


When i first found TestSpin i was not really excited it was just one of those survey sites and the worst part was they didn't even pay in cash. However, i signed up and didn't receive much in the form of surveys. Recently i have actually been receiving about one survey a day usually either $2 or $5. At this rate i can earn about $600 a year in Amazon gift cards:P Well the good news is that soon the will be switching so you can also cash out in PayPal or check. So save up the cash you earn and then when they switch you can receive a nice fat check. The surveys are also very targeted. Unlike other survey sites i rarely don't qualify for the survey. Also if you fit just the right demographic you can do a focus group which if you can get into one is a very profitable thing to do. These focus groups pay sometimes $100 for like an hour of talking with various people about a product. So definitely check this out at www.testspin.com

Special Email For Your $Mail

When signing up for all these great online money making ideas entering your email is a given so if i were you i would create a special email just for money making things. First of all you will be able to easily organize your emails. Instead of having some personal emails and some emails to make money. Also you get vast amounts of email i went away for 3 days and had 102 new emails. Having that vast amount of email in your personal email account is annoying so i would go onto gmail.com, yahoo.com or hotmail.com and just create a special email address for online money making endeavors. Just a little tip!

Survey Savvy

Sorry folks i was away this weekend so i didn't get a chance to update recently, but now i am back so updates will continue!

OK well i have another great survey site to let you know about it is called SurveySavvy. This is one of the most profitable sites i have found, second only to Global TestMarket. Survey Savvy sends me surveys, most about $5, quite regularly and as long as you complete the user profile surveys you will probably find surveys popping up in your inbox quite often. Secondly Survey Savvy has a great referral program! You get $2 for every survey your referrals complete and $1 for every survey their referrals complete! This can be a GREAT way to make online money for teens. Just tell 10 friends and you can get $20 if they all complete just one survey!! start making money here!


Anyway.... well i have always thought this idea was really cool! Get money for talking online. In forums you get money to post discussions and replies. The site is Mylot and it is available for teens 16 and up. The main concept is that you pick what your interests are and then you post discussions about those interests. So.. if you like the NFL you could start a discussion asking who you think the winner of the Super Bowl will be and you think will play in it. Now while you know most people think Patriots and Cowgirls (ooops i mean Cowboys) you get money for every person that responds. Also if you find a discussion that interests you replying to that discussion gets you money as well. I have not had huge profits but that is because i have only started a couple discussions and only like 2 replies. However if you try and and put a quality 20-30 min in you should make some solid money.
try for your self!