Buying Space for Your Affiliate Links-For Free

Clixsense is one of the best PTC programs out there. Now what really sets them apart is that you can get an ad featured without paying any money!

Now the way to do this is simple. Sign up for Clixsense and start using the PTC program. Then you can convert every cent you earn into a credit for buying ads!

I had $.54 in my account from using the site about 3 times. I converted this to 54 ad credits. When you buy the ad you want you can set how much to pay per click and how many clicks you want. So if you set it to pay $.01 per click you can buy as many clicks as you have ad credits. Except for the fact they charge 20% commission fee.

So with 54 credits i bought 45 clicks. That means i have 45 people guaranteed to visit my site. Well not actually my site. That is where the good money comes in.

Now instead of buying an ad for my site i bought an ad for one of my affiliate links.

continues below...

You can use just a referral system from a program like Fusion Cash or Brring. However i would recommend siging up for a program like Max Bounty or Never Blue Ads. They give you sites to promote and you get paid a certain amount of money per person who signs up.

Once you have signed up you pick a site to promote and get your affiliate link. Then whe you buy your ad you put that link in as the affiliate link.

Wa lah you just bought an ad for yourself to make money without paying any money. The site i am promoting is eMusic. They pay you $6 for evey person that signs up. (The bonus to this site is that i have used emusic even before i started promoting it so i know it is a honest site.)

So now i made sure at least 45 people will see the site. Even if only 5 sign up i made $30.

So check out Clixsense and start making money!

Surf Junky SCAM

Mmmk so the site I told you guys about earlier Surf Junky is a scam. IF you google surf junky scam hundreds of results will pop up of people who were ripped off by them. It is not that they sell your information but once you get up to the cash out point, which is $25, they cancel your account for no apparent reason. However, they still have made money because you have looked at their ads for at least 33 hours. The site is very profitable for those who created the site but no so much for everyone who makes them the money. Some people have cashed out but it is probably not worth joining the site.

Make Money With Blogging

I have been waiting a while to do this post but I have not had time until now. So here it goes.

One of the most, if not the most, profitable ways of making money online is by blogging or creating your own website. However, this does take a lot of work (as I know from experience).

The first step is picking your "niche" as they call it in the business. This is basically the topic you are going to write about. I have picked the topic of making money online. But you can pick any topic and still make money. Actually some of the best bloggers don't write anything about how to make money online but quietly are making a lot of money. If you look at the list of the Top 30 Bloggers under 21 that I posted a while ago, you will find that many of them do not write about making money online, but are very successful. The key to picking a good niche is picking something you know about. I am thinking of starting another blog about sports because I know a lot about them and would have a ton of stuff to write about. You need to be able to have a topic that you can post consistently about.

Once you have your niche picked it is time to decide where to host it. I personally use blogger because it is free. But you can also get a free word press blog which will allow you more freedom in the design and setup. If you are just starting out I would definitely recommend getting a free blog first. Then when you feel the need get your own domain.

Now you have to figure out how you are going to monetize. The first obvious option is Adsense. I would recommend not using the normal adds. Our eyes have been so accustomed to them that your conversion per page view will be very low and they will just take up space. What I would recommend is using the Adsense Referral program. This allows you to pick what ads show on your page, so that low paying useless ads will not show up. These ads allow you to target your audience and make the amount of people actually clicking on adds higher. For instance they have a whole section of ads only about sports. So if you have a sports related blog you can only use the ads in this section that have high pay rates. Another great way to monetize is through affiliate marketing. You can join an affiliate program such as Max Bounty or Never Blue Ads. They give you any different ads that you can promote and you get paid based on either someone buying a product, which has a much higher pay rate but lower amount of clicks or by someone signing up, which has a lower pay rate but more people click. You can find many ads like the Love Calculator that you see on Myspace and you get a certain amount of money for every person that puts in their cell phone number.

Then you need to start posting consistently at least every other day. (which *blush* I don't always do). Do posts about interesting aspects of your niche. Make people want to come back and read your blog again.

Now comes the best part getting people to your blog. First of all before anything else you need to submit your site to Google so that you get spidered by Google and you show up in search results. This may take a couple weeks. The way to find out if you are listed is to search for your domain (www.yourdomain.com) in Google. If no results show up you are not yet listed.

Once you have done that it is time to drive traffic to your blog. The most obvious way to do this is by commenting on other peoples blogs and trading links with them. many other bloggers would be happy to put your link in their Blogroll. Before you ask them it is best to place their link in your sidebar and say you are linking to them. Find blogs in your niche and comment on their posts. Make friends with other bloggers. Try to comment on every post. But have something useful to say in your comment.

Also submit your site to places like Technorati and Mybloglog. These places will get you back links which gives you a higher page rank and better placement in search results. Also to get your site better placement in search rankings use the same address every time you link. Both yourdomain.com and http://yourdomain.com and http://www.yourdomain.com will get you to your site. But pick one of them and only use that in your linking. This will make sure you have backlinks with the same link.

Once people come the key is having good content. If people come and like your comment they will come back and possibly tell their friends. This is the best way of getting traffic. So if you don't have good content you will not be successful.

OK so the steps were:
1. Pick your niche
2. Decide your blog host
3. Monetize
4. Good content
5. Drive traffic to your site

Good luck!!

Surf Junky!

At first when i saw this program i was a little sceptical... but it has grown on me. Surf Junky is a site that pays you to surf ads basically. They start out by paying you $.45 an hour. Now that doesn't sound like very much but actually it isnt bad considering you can climb your way up to earning $.75 an hour. This seems like it would be a tedious task. However, once you start the webpage it runs by itself. The first time i did it i just clicked on it and it opened in a new page. This page popped up every time a new page was shown. I solved the problem by opening it in a new tab. This way it cna run while i am doing other stuff and not disturb me. The only thing is that you have to click on something a minimum of once an hour. So you cant just leave it running over night. Still earning $.45 -$.75 and hour for one click ounds good to me. I will try it out and let it run while i am online. Plus you get paid for up to 3 levels of referrals.
So check out Surf Junky

Takkle- A homerun for high school athletes and marketers

Takkle is a sports networking sitefor high school students. It is a website teamed with Sports Illustrated that allows users to create a profile, posts various stats and get noticed by scouts. They have lists of the top seniors at every sport and the best prospects get featured in Sports Illustrated.

Now as a sports fanatic myself i created a profile in the hopes of geting noticed by college scouts later in my high school career. I will start posting my baseball stats once our games have started. This website can be very useful if you have hopes of getting into college to play sports and even play professionally. Takkle has groups just like Yuwie or Myspace that you can join. Several of them are groups started by scouts in order that athletes can raise awareness of their abilities. So if you are are a high school athlete this site is definitely for you.

Now there is also another use for Takkle. If you are looking to target a high school audience for making money this is a perfect opportunity. Now most teens will go for any way they can make money. I know from experience =D. There are many sites that you can target towards teens. So once you have your two or three money making programs that you are going to promote and a Takkle account you need a strategy. Now a lot of the people on this site are serious athletes. They are not going to look at a profile that is entirely interet ads. What i would do is subtly add ads. Posts a few affiliate ads in some unconspicuous places. Place one or two in your "about me" AFTER you have written a little blurb about yourself. If you want to have a lot of success you will need to promote the banners a little more. But if you have picked programs that appeal to teens. They should for the most part sell themselves.

So whether you are an athlete, an internet marketer or even just a plain joe, you can probably use Takkle.

Check out Takkle.com

FREE Music! Legally!

Ok well i don't know about you but i am always looking for ways to get free legal music. I really don't feel like paying a buck a song on iTunes. So i look around a lot. And i found eMusic.

eMusic lets you sign up and receive 25 free songs. (When i signed up it was 50...sorry guys). The only catch is you do need a credit card. However, they do not charge you until your trial is up. The trial lasts 14 days. So you have 14 days to download your 25 songs. Now i think the main reason they are able to do this is because people forget (including me my second time around).

Yes, my second time around. After you get your 25 songs you can do whatever you want with them. There is no DRM so you can convert them, burn them delete them whatever... However, about 6 months later they sent me an email saying" Hey, come sign up and get 50 MORE songs. So all i had to do was sign in and i got 50 more songs.

So now i have gotten 100 free songs from them.

This place is pretty cool. The song selection is a little weird but hey still 25 free songs.

So what i recommend is signing up and canceling within a week so you don't forget. I mean you could just cancel same day. It doesn't take that long to download 25 songs.


Also, sign up for the cheapest plan so.. if you do forget it will only be like $10 a month instead of $20

So check eMusic out!