Affiliate Marketing

As a teen looking for ways to make money online, there were many opportunities that looked really good. But the thing that looks most promising is affiliate marketing.

I signed up for Never Blue Ads and Max Bounty. Both sites are very for real. They called me up to make sure I was a real person. My Never Blue Ads affiliate manager
called up and asked what I was doing online and what my various online ventures were.

I was accepted to both sites and started running their ads.

I have found several of the best ways to get your affiliate link out there, so people will click on it.

1) If you have a blog find programs that you can promote that relate to the content of your site or that you think might be of general interest. If you have a sports site for example that teens come to write an article about Takkle. (It helps if you have used the site before. Such I have a Takkle account that I use and I have used Emusic before so I know they are both real sites.) Having experience with the site helps your readers tell that you are actually providing them with something that could be useful.

2) Social Networking is one of the best mediums for promoting anything. So why not affiliate programs. If you have a personal Myspace and Facebook, those can be used. Or if you don't want ads to be on your personal one make a profile specifically for making money. This way you can write blogs about it and promote your affiliate thing throughout the whole profile. Yuwie is one of the best social networking sites to use. All the users on there are trying to make money. So making money online sites and paid survey sites and other online money making ideas will convert well. Again, experience with the site helps a lot. Anything you will promote sign up for it. (not with your affiliate link because you will get your account banned for cheating) Go to the site and sign up use the service

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3) Insanity Clix is a great site for getting views to any web page you want. The way Insanity Clix works is that you get a chance to advertise 5 websites for free. Then to get credits you need to browse other people’s sites. You can either use the auto surf option in which you can open it in a new window and let it run while you do other stuff. Or you can use the manual surf option. The site is shown for 15 seconds. If you use the auto surf option your account gets credited .75 credits and the next page loads. If you use the manual surf option you need to pick the right sequence of numbers that shows up in the picture. Then you are credited 1 credit and the next page loads. With the auto surf option you earn approximately 180 credits per hour. You then assign the credits you earn to each of your sites. For every credit you assign, you get your site shown once. Online Money for Teens gets over 50 page views a day just from Insanity Clix. However, besides my blog I also have two affiliate links that I promote on Insanity Clix. To do this you need to get your affiliate link. The you go to tinyurl.com and paste it in their tool. This creates a new URL that Insanity Clix will accept. If you try to put the affiliate link straight in the link will not work. But, if you use tinyurl, your site loads fine. Then you earn credits and assign them to the link. Manual credits are better since the people have to glance at your web page. The site I am promoting most is Emusic. Mostly because the load page is itself an ad. Instead of just being a sign up page that has no explanation for the site, the Emusic page has a big ad that says "25 FREE Downloads!".

4) Write articles about your affiliate link you are promoting. First, use a keyword suggestion tool. Target the key words for your link that get like 100-300 searches per day. Also, target long tail key words. It is going to be easier to get your article high in the search results if it is targeted towards keywords like "free legal mp3 music downloads" as opposed to "free music". Many more sites are trying to get higher in the search results for "free music" but not as many for the long tail keywords. The write your article with a high keyword density. But make it sound normal. Then submit the article to ezinearticles.com. Afterwards you can bookmark your article using Digg, Stumbleupon, and del.icio.us. This will generate traffic and get some backlinks. Also put your link everywhere you can so that you get better and better placement in search results.

5) and lastly check out my pervious article about buying space for your affiliate links.
Top Ways To Promote your Affiliate Link are:
1. Blogging
2. Social Networking
3. Insanity Clix
4. Writing Articles
5. "Buying Space"

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