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I was looking around on forums and stuff trying to find more money making websites and this guy had posted a referral to this site called Zion5. He was saying they were a "Facebook" for online money makers. I clicked on it mostly out of curiosity because I didn't really think it would be that great. I kinda looked to see what they had to say and it looked kinda interesting so I signed up and checked it out.

Well the first thing is that it is kinda confusing. They don't really explain how to use the site and so some of the features are lost because some people don't know how to use them.

1. You can add friends this is kinda what the main concept is. Just like, if you were trying to make money with myspace you want as many friends as possible. The more friends you have the more money you have the possibility to make.

2. Everyday you can send one message to all your contacts. The only allow one message per day to cut down on the spam. In this message you can say whatever you want, post an ad about a money making program so you can get referrals, you could advertise your own site or whatever you want.

3. Also, you can join and add websites. Basically what this means is that you can search a list of websites that people have joined and have posted their referral link. You can find some great money making ideas there. Also if you look and see that Brring for instance is not on the list you can add it and put your referral link on the page for Brring.

4. Just recently, they added a blog that you can post to that is seen by your friends. Again just, like with the comments this is the meat of the program. If you have many friends, your messages will be seen by lots of people and your blog will be seen by lots of people. So you can advertise your site or post your affiliate link or whatever.

5. Also there is the referral program in Zion5

This site is a little more targeted than Myspace or Facebook because all the people on Zion 5 are looking for great money making ideas while on Myspace or Facebook most people are not. This is good because people are not going to be annoyed with you telling them different money making ideas but the likelihood that people will have already joined your program is much higher especially if the site has a good referral program.

In about 2 days Zion5 is going Pro. They are going to change things to allow users who pay a fee of about $25 to become a Pro member. This will mean they have the chance to earn money directly from Zion 5 as opposed to just from their referral links
This is why Zion 5 Pro is supposed to be better:

Unlimited Advertising
Get your ads in the Zion 5 rotator. The Zion 5 rotator displays ads in the community. No limits! You get 5 of your ads displayed up to 1,000,000 times every single month.

Daily update emails
Not only will you get up to 1,000,000 of your ads displayed on Zion 5 every single month, you will also get your ads emailed direct to every member in the Daily update email!

Fast track your contact list
Every single member that joins Zion 5 will automatically get a contact request from you. That means, every time you login your contact list will have grown without you lifting a finger.

Search for people

Looking for specific people? Maybe you're looking for people in your country, maybe you're looking for people with little experience to coach them, perhaps you're looking for a guru. The Zion 5 people searcher allows you to search the community and make contact with real people that want to be contacted by you!

Promote yourself
Pro members get more exposure than regular members. Every time you see a list of people on Zion 5, Pro members will always be at the top.

Do you want to measure your performance? Well you can now. Find out how many people read your messages, look at your profile and more.

Go Pro and you get an extra message box to store your important messages.

Link cloaker
Use the Zion 5 link cloaker to protect your links from commission thieves.

I dont really know how useful it would be to you but i think if you put some work into it you would probably see some results especially if you are promoting your website.

See if you like it here

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