Forum Booster- Get Paid $.10 Per Post!!

Forum Booster is one of the most exciting ways to make quick money on the internet. Sure you can make better money blogging or through affiliate marketing, but it takes months before any real income is generated. Within 48 hours of sign up you can start making money with Forum Booster.

What is Forum Booster?

Forum Booster is a site that people use to juice up their forums- give it a shot of steroids. For only $21 a forum administrator can purchase: 8 new members, 150 new posts and 15 new threads started. You can also purchase articles for your website or blog.

Now the path to making money is becoming what is called a forum booster. As a forum booster, you get paid for every post you make on a forum that Forum Booster is boosting. Your posts are tracked through a post tracking system Forum Booster has to ensure you get paid for every post. You can post an unlimited amount of posts and get this, you get paid $.10 a post! Yes, $.10 a post!

Now I am sure you have heard of myLot or other sites similar that pay you to post. For these sites you can earn maybe $.01 for every post you make. Most of the money depends on people's responses. With Forum Booster you can make $.10 for every single post you make.

Now lets do some math here. You could probably do around 100 posts an hour. Thats a little over a post a minute. For those 10 posts you get paid $10! Now lets look at this on a yearly scale. Say you were to post for one hour every day. This would mean you would post about...36,500 posts, which would mean you make $3650! If you need some quick money you could post 8 hours a day for a week and make $560! (and since it's summer what better do you have to do?)

You also can apply to be an article writer but the pay seems to be rather low. So i would recommend only becoming a forum booster.

All you need to do to apply and become a Forum Booster is write 5 posts on the Forum Booster forum that will be evaluated to find your level and clarity of writing. Then after you have written your 5 posts you fill out an application and they will respond in 24-48 hours.

Now Forum Booster does have an affiliate program but it is only for referring people to pay for the services of forum booster. You do not get any money for referring people to get paid to post.

I think this is a really exciting opportunity for teens to make money online doing something they love. Teens love to talk and getting paid $.10 is a great bonus. I know on some forums I have hundreds of posts. I know i will be using this site a lot. I will keep you updated on my earnings here.

The application form to become a Forum Booster is here. (not a referral link)

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