FREE Money with Inbox Dollars

For just creating a simple account with a username, password and email, you can get $5 absolutely for free. The benefits just start there!

InboxDollars is a company I have been with for all my time doing internet marketing. That is over 6 years!

I have never failed to be happy with their company. The basic idea is that you get paid a certain number of cents to read an email. If you read 10 emails a day, 365 days a year for 5 years at $.02 per email that is over $300 for 5 seconds of my day each day.

Will it make you rich? Nope. It is worth a 1 minute sign up and then 5 seconds of your day for $300 worth of free money? ABSOLUTELY! If you sign up for 5 companies like this that is now $1500 in 5 years. Is that a decent amount of money? Yep.

So look into InboxDollars. At least make an account, click on the banner above and see what it is all about.


Teens Can Make Money Online By Writing Articles

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money online is through writing articles either for a website or for a specific person. My favorite tends to be the later. I am a member on several of the big internet marketing forums online. Most of them have "Hire a Freelancer" sections in which people post a need they have. Often times this is for an article writer.

Here is where you can start an article writing business and start making some good money. The key to getting these article writing jobs is taking action. If someone posts they need a writer, send them a pm and try to get them on chat as soon as possible to sell yourself. Always use good English and grammar when approaching a possible client.

Once you are talking to them offer quick turn around and high quality SEO work. They are going to ask for samples. You have a couple options here.
If you have written articles before, send them some of your best articles.
If you have NOT written articles before, offer to write one of their articles for free to ensure they like the quality of the work. Then hurry and finish that article asap!

Once you have done articles for a client, he or she will often have more work for you to do, which leads to more money. As you build up clients, you can find more work the same way, but have articles to show the quality of your work. Soon you can setup your own website with a portfolio and start making even more money.

There are plenty of forums to try this out with. Just Google search "Internet Marketing forum" and you will find plenty. Getting a job or two a day from the multitude of forums can lead to $30 or more a day!

If you have any questions feel free to email me or post a comment!

Happy money making