ClixSense- Just Another Pay To Read?

Well i have not had much success with PPC except for referals mostly because i do not have enough time to be earning only $1.12 per hour. But i am still doing a review of a PPC website. ClixSense is a PPC program. You get paid usually $.01 for viewing an ad for 30 seconds. As you can see the profits are not going to be rolling in at a rate faster then a snail. However the nice thing about PPC is to most people it sounds inticing. And if you aren't looking to make all that much money online it actually is. If you do earn $1.20 per hour, you can earn $365 per hour simply by having an ad running constantly in the background while you do other more important things on the internet for 1 hour.
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This means that people will want to sign up for this. That is good for you since ClixSense has a good referal program. The main difference and the main reason it isn't that great is that there are 2 levels of membership. You can just be a free member or you can be a Premium member which is:

Premium account status indicates to advertisers that the viewer has successfully made a purchase using a credit card or bank account online. Many advertisers prefer to limit their paid advertisements to viewers who have proven purchasing power. Upgrade your account to "premium" status today and start seeing more paid ads to your ClixSense.com account. The cost to upgrade to "premium" status is $10.00 USD and is valid for 1 year from the date of upgrade.

This makes your possibilities for referals SKYROCKET. When you become a premium member your referals go 5 levels deep. When your direct referals upgrade to a premium account you get $2. When their referals upgrade you get $1 so you can imagine how much you could earn if you refer a couple people and theyeach refer a couple people and they all become premium members.

If you dont become a premium member you still get $.10 for every referal and $2 if your direct referal and their direct referal upgrades. So still a good option for money but......

Basically i would give this a try see if anyone upgrades but.. i don't think you will have much success. If you get a lot of referals you can still get some money if only a couple people upgrade but it wont be as proftiable as the site says. I also really don't recommend upgrading unless you know for sure you have some people who will get premium memberships and pay off the money you pay.

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This site is for those 16 and over.....sorry you have to be 16 to sign up

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