PTR- How To Actually Profit from PTR

I have already done some PTR reviews (just search in the search box) but i have a couple more to do.

Instantad is a new site that i recently joined and and since it is new it is not as snazzy as some of the sites that have been around longer. However there seems to be about 10 ads you can view a day which is $.10. and the referal program is you earn 24% of what your referal earns. I don't really get why you would become a premium member since you get only
$.0125 per clikc instead of $.01 but whatever.
check Instanad out here

zbestBux is another PTR site i found that allows teenagers to join. They pay $.01 per click and 75% of your referals earnings
try it here

Ad 2 Bank is another site i found that isn't quite as good as the others because you only get $.005 which is half of a cent per click. Also i have no idea what the referal rate is. AND they onyl accept Alertpay for paying right now. I joined with my PayPal but you will have to wait until they pay with PayPal to cash out.
check it out here

From my experience there isn't really that much of a difference between the different PTR. Most have a standered pay rate of $.01 per click. And the referal programs are the only difference. Some have better referals because they are multileveled and some because you get mroe money. However for the straight up money from viewing ads they are all mostly alike. One cent isn't very much and every with out fail every PTR has a little box that says you click 10 ads, 10 referals click 10 ads your weekly earns are...., your monthly earnings are.... but it is kinda fake. If you join 10 PTR sites, in the next couple days hopefully i will have at least the many sites reviewed, you can probably get around 100 ads to view you rpobably will actually need to join more sites than that to get that many. So you join 15 sites and they average out to pay $.01 per click you could get $1 per day for about 5 minutes work. So it is actually a good idea to do if you actually sign up for a bunch of different sites and actually click every day. Each ad is about 30 seconds and you can view an ad from each site at the same time. So... 30 seconds times about 10 around 5 minutes.
So check some of these out

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